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Holga Inspire: Online Featured Artist International Traveling Exhibit: 2010 to 2013 

 Featured Artists: Rebecca Tolk, Michelle Bates, Susan Bowen, David Burnett, Tammy Cromer-Campbell, Taiju Fubuki, Teru Kuwayama, Annu Palakunnathu Matthew, Pauline St. Denis, Harvey Stein 

 “Holga Inspire proudly presents the Holga Inspire exhibition, a widely acclaimed traveling exhibition showcasing a collection of outstanding images created by internationally renowned photographers who use the Holga camera as their artistic expression. The show endeavors to showcase the extraordinary artistic potential and creative expression of Holga cameras.” 

 “Holga Inspire is an initiative of Holga Limited, a company of the Universal Electronics Industries group co-founded by Mr. T.M. Lee, who invented and develop the Holga range of cameras. The mission of Holga Inspire is to support creative artists and professional photographers who use the Holga as their medium of creative expression. We seek to connect professionals throughout the arts, media, and academia through exhibitions, events and educational programs. We want to reinvigorate classic photography and inspire creative originality. Holga Inspire strives to demonstrate the extraordinary artistic potential and the wide range of creative expression that can be realized with a Holga camera.” 

 Since 2010, debuted in Bangkok, Thailand and viewed by Princess Sirindhorn, the Holga Inspire, an International Exhibit of 10 Holga Masters has been shown at these galleries: 

 Umbrella Arts Gallery-NYC 

 Hallmark Institute of Photography-Turner Falls, MA 

 Brooks Institute-Santa Barbara, CA 

 Icon Gallery-Los Angeles, CA 

 Center for Fine Art Photography-Fort Collins, CO 

 Soho Photo Gallery-NYC 

 Open Shutter Gallery-Durango, CO 

 Photobooth-San Francisco, CA 

 Chicago Photography Center-Chicago, IL 

 Interlochen Center for the Arts-Interlochen, MI 

 Arts Eye Gallery-Tucson, AZ 

 TCC Photo Gallery-Longview, TX