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What is a Remote Portrait Session?

Rebecca photographing dancer, Leàn B. in her home in Cape Town, South Africa remotely from St. Petersburg, Florida.

Every Remote Portrait Session includes a personal virtual consultation with Rebecca a week prior to the portrait session, as well as a session with an embodiment guide the day of the portrait session.  

For the virtual consultation, Rebecca will start a video call with you where you can tell her a bit about yourself and show her around your space and wardrobe. She will find the ideal places for light and composition, and will guide you on how to best set up your phone with a cell phone stand/holder or with items around your home. She will also help you choose what to wear. 

This call is important to establish rapport and set your intention for the main session. The embodiment guide will join in for a few minutes on this call so you can get to know them.  

Then, on the day of your portrait session, Rebecca will initiate the session with a video call. 

Once the session begins Rebecca will be taking screen shots of the moments that inspire her. She will guide you on how and where to set up your cell phone for each of the different locations chosen. She will help you feel at ease and stay connected to the positive energy created in your session with the embodiment guide. 

Rebecca prefers natural looks to the contrived, so she will look for these moments. Overall, this will be a unique and collaborative process for each client.

A modern cell phone with front and back-facing cameras is preferred for these remote sessions. The next best thing to a cell phone is a tablet. You can also use a laptop, but the lens will tend to be lower quality than the most modern phone or tablet available. Regardless of the device you use, you will have a great experience!

Make sure to pick the time of day that your space has the most natural light coming in the windows. If you do not have extensive natural light, then anytime is fine, but we will need access to other forms of lighting, such as lamps. 

Watch this interview by Diane Dèlina, in which Rebecca answers the question: What is a Remote Portrait Session?

Learn more about how to prepare for a Remote Portrait Session in this free PDF download.